Long March rocket company set up to enter the space travel

Not only will launch space constellation, space car, space ride, space shuttle and other launch services
According to China news agency reported on October 19, China's largest rocket production base launched a new commercial aerospace planning. 19 China in the opening of the China Long March Rocket Co., Ltd., not only will launch a space constellation, space car, space ride, space shuttle and other launch services, will also be involved in space travel. China Long March Series Rockets Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, China's Asia-Pacific mobile communications satellite limited liability company, relying on China Launch Vehicle Technology Institute and built. The company's party secretary, Hao Zhaoping, said that after the company name changes, will launch a fast response to the commercial market, low-cost, highly reliable space launch services, and from the launch to the satellite network to provide a full set of system solutions. He said that through the star arrow interface standardization, rocket ahead of production and production technology applications and other means, "the average launch service costs reduced by 30%, the shortest cycle of compression 80%." Hao Zhaoping introduced, the company can provide a wide range of launch services. Space star network, refers to the constellation network according to the needs of customers, select the scientific and reasonable load with the combination, to provide users with the most economical launch program; space ride, refers to the use of the existing Long March series of rocket launch mission remaining capacity, The market to provide cost-effective load-carrying services; space shuttle, refers to the fixed time each year to the cost of providing a fixed sent-off service; space car, according to customer needs from 100 kg to 1000 kg of exclusive, fast launch service. Hao Zhaoping said the company will also launch the use of space resources and the "suborbital flight experience" two products. The former refers to the service through the platform to extend the service life of the aircraft and reduce the requirements of space exploration technology. The latter is the layout of space travel, such as ground weightlessness simulation training, 360 ° omni-directional virtual reality experience, sub-orbital -300 km altitude) space travel and so on. "The next three to five years, will complete the development of new commercial small rocket and submarine round-trip transportation system development," he said, will be in the global procurement of products and configuration resources, the introduction of strategic value consistent with the company's investors.

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