Taiwan has called comfort women "voluntary" media: the "imperial"

Protest against the Japanese government so far did not give the comfort woman a formal apology
Taiwan Women's Rescue Foundation recently said it would hold an "International Day of comfort women" commemorative party in Taipei on August 14 to protest that the Japanese government has not yet given a formal apology to the comfort women. Because the recent "anti-lesson fine tune" protest, comfort women issues in Taiwan once again become the focus. Protest students even said that some comfort women are out of voluntarily, should not be included in the textbook "forced" word. The most brutal sexual violence in the last century During World War II, the Japanese army in the Asian countries committed all sorts of tragic atrocities, of which there are planned, organized implementation of the notorious "comfort women" system, the academic community called "the last century the most brutal , The most brutal sexual violence. " This year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War and the 70th anniversary of the victory against Japan. Taiwan Women's Federation recently said that in the Second World War suffered sexual persecution and sexual exploitation of women, so far less than the Japanese government a formal apology, so for August 14 this year, "International comfort women anniversary" initiated Called "can not forget comfort women" network series activities, and in the August 14 evening to the Japanese Association of Communication near the city park, held a commemorative party. The women's union said that the party will recite the music "comfort women" in the way of poetry recitation, music, drama, dance performances, etc., especially many victims of the tragedy, even the name and identity can not test the victims of women. Continue to "inherit" this history, to link the forces of cross-generation and social areas, so that this peaceful anti-violence forces to "blossom everywhere." Japan's right wing strongly denied the history of comfort women It is estimated that more than 2,000 women in Taiwan were forced to become Japanese "comfort women", brutal crimes to bring them a permanent injury. Taiwanese scholars in the original Taiwanese "comfort women" to investigate and case analysis found: the original "comfort women" more lonely life, late desolate, disease-ridden, general infertility. Women's Federation Executive Director Kang Shuhua introduced more than 2,000 Taiwan comfort women to be confirmed in 58, and now only five comfort women alive, the average age of 90 years old. The Taiwan authorities give them a fixed monthly subsistence allowance, medical aid and so on. Taiwan has been engaged in cross-sea litigation since 1999, and several Taiwanese victims have the courage to travel to Japan. In court, they had to regain their old pains to answer questions about women's privacy and self-esteem. Although more than half a century, but most women still feel ashamed, complain, anger, one answer, everyone cry. There are also Japanese civil society to support them, encourage them to adhere to the justice. In 2005, the Tokyo Supreme Court ruled that "Taiwanese comfort women" lost. Until now, the Japanese right-wing forces are still trying to distort and deny the "comfort women" problem. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said that "Japan is forced to comfort women lack of evidence"; Japanese textbooks deleted the word "comfort women"; Osaka City Mayor Bridge also even published the "comfort women system has its necessity, Indisputable fact "absurd remarks. In the period of Lee Teng-hui and Chen Shui-bian's reign, Taiwan's primary and secondary school textbooks were modified to "go to China" and joined a large number of elements of American aggression and colonization. Some textbooks even claim that part of the comfort women are voluntary. In the recent "anti-lesson fine tune" protest, some Taiwan high school students also openly support this view. At the same time, Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party on July 30 that is preparing a proposal, said the general businessmen to recruit women, the Japanese did not force comfort women. In this regard, the US State Department said that comfort women were World War II Japanese women for sexual purposes for the purpose of female trafficking, Japan forced comfort women are appalling human rights violations. "Please do not learn some political figures or political positions higher than the historical conscience of people, beautify the Japanese, hurt our poor grandmother comfort women, called them 'part of the voluntary.'" Kuomintang 2016 "election" candidate Hong Xiutang recently Protest students said: "You can believe that any nationalism, but you can not beautify the Japanese colonial rule of Taiwan comfort women brutal." Taiwan authorities leader Ma Ying-jeou recently announced that Taiwan's first comfort women Memorial Hall in October this year Opened on the 25th. Ma Ying-jeou said he began to help comfort women in Taiwan 20 years ago, for them should have fairness and justice, but unfortunately, these comfort women in Japan litigation failed, "war hatred may be forgiven, but the war The truth can not be forgotten. "

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