Jilin 52-year-old man involved in intentional homicide police reward 50,000 yuan wanted

Jilin Siping City police issued a reward report

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The number of suicide bombings in Somalia rose to 15

Somali capital Mogadishu a hotel local time on the 26th suicide bombers attack

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Men drunk after the road police were sentenced to "not allowed to drink within a year"

Violation of the prohibition order more than three times will be suspended from the execution of the sentence

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India a train hit the school bus to five children died more than injured

A train and school bus crash at an unattended railroad and highway intersection at Uttar Pradesh, India.

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85 after Dr. lead the battery revolution research results yesterday board "Nature"

With the Hunan University School of physics associate professor Lu Bingan and others research results - aluminum ion battery available

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Guangdong Huizhou a farmer market gas explosion 9 people were injured (Figure)

There was a gas explosion in a snack shop in the market and sparked a fire

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Beijing bus issue commemorative ticket enthusiasts: 25 times the bus can not buy one

You want to buy tickets for those who buy tickets

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Kyrgyz government condemned the "jihad elements" attack on the Chinese embassy has arrested five suspects

Kyrgyzstan asked Turkey to surrender the bombing in Istanbul

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Obama will present four handmade paper cranes on display at Hiroshima Memorial Hall

US President Barack Obama arrives near Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park by helicopter

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Henan Runan a director of the dinner after drinking three officials were dismissed

Experts say that the plot can not be ridiculously unreasonable Runan County Propaganda Department staff said

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Ma Ying-jeou talk about the war: I am "Friends of Japan" on the matter of grudge clear

Is the way true friends get along

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Li Bingbing Cannes take the red carpet can not go forward to urge 6 times

Li Bingbing wearing a light blue perspective dress stunning debut

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Guangdong Gaozhou nursing home for the elderly because of the mouth smashed three people after the death

A 72-year-old man, a nursing home in Guizhi Town, Gaozhou City

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Strong typhoon caused by heavy rainfall in northeastern Japan

Miyagi, Fukushima two counties of the northeast, Ou Yu, fairy stone and other lines of ordinary train from the beginning of the departure from the start

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Super Typhoon "Can Cheong" approaching direct hit Zhejiang more disaster prevention front (Figure)

Another reporter rushed to Taizhou Wenling Shitang Millennium Shuguang Park

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Shaanxi oil plant 1.7 tons of crude oil leakage into the mountain dam (Figure)

The leaking of crude oil flows along the mountain drains to the dam

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Li Keqiang voice fade down fab rising rally

While the current 6.3823 offshore RMB exchange rate against the US dollar has also become the August 11 new exchange rate since the highest value of the yuan

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Xi Jinping to the People 's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV research

Xi Jinping came to Xinhua News Agency research

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